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About the Dov Levy Prize

Over the past decades, thanks to the help of individuals and organizations that have seen and celebrated the power of people with different abilities, many people who would otherwise have stayed on the fringes of society have been integrated and empowered.

The late Rabbi Dov Levy played a central role in this metamorphosis in Israel through his Seeach Sod Special Education Network.

Seeach Sod has served as a trailblazer in the religious community and continues to operate with a pioneering attitude, seeking out the most innovative solutions to bring out the full potential of individuals with special needs and and thereby enhancing the quality of life for them and their families. Through the organization, awareness and even acceptance of people with developmental disabilities has been achieved.

It has been 17 years since Rabbi Levy died. In his honor, friends and admirers who have tried to follow in his footsteps have joined with The Jerusalem Post to award the Dov Levy Prize to an individual or group that is making a difference in the lives of individuals with special needs in their own cities, regions and around the world.

The eight individuals or groups listed above are truly carrying out this special work. Readers are invited to learn more about them and vote for the one that they believe should win the Dov Levy prize.

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All photos provided by Seeach Sod and are used with permission. 

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Your post has to include a creative sentence about the contest and Seeach Sod, such as “It’s important to integrate people with disabilities into society.”

“I voted for my candidate because I believe she helps the disabled become independent.”

“More funds need to be allocated to fund special education in schools.”.


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Fighting for special education funding for New Jersey’s Jewish schools.

Based in Rockville, MD, Jennifer is creating systemic change in how society views people with disabilities.

Jenine Shwekey and Chaya Bender are the founders and directors of The Special Children’s Center in New Jersey and New York, a state-of-the-art center that services over 600 children with disabilities from the surrounding area.

Founder of Flying Fox, an Australian organization that provides social opportunities for people with disabilities.

One of America’s leading Jewish inclusion experts, and director of California and Jewish Leadership at RespectAbility.

One of five graduating seniors who volunteered in SINAI’s Inclusion by Design program.

Trustee for Misgav, a London-based organization that provides a haven for adult women with disabilities.

Founder of Giving Tree, an organization that engages children, both with and without disabilities, and promotes inclusivity.


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The Dov Levy Prize is awarded to an individual or group that is making a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities in their own cities, regions or around the world.

The Prize is named after the late Rabbi Dov Levy, founder of the Seeach Sod Special Education Network in Israel, which provides educational, vocational, and living facilities in Israel for individuals with disabilities, from infancy through old age.

Seeach Sod

Join the Jerusalem Post and Seeach Sod in choosing the winner of the Dov Levy Prize, honoring the individual whose accomplishments best exemplify the values of the late Dov Levy, founder of the Seeach Sod Special Education Network.

Selection process for the winner of the Dov Levy Prize

The winner of the Dov Levy Prize will be selected by the following method:

  • The nominee who gets the most votes from readers will receive 40 points.
  • Each judge’s vote will be worth 12 points.
  • The nominee with the highest number of total points will be the winner.
  • The winner will receive the Dov Levy Prize at one of the Jerusalem Post events held in 2022.

Voting Instructions

  • Vote for one of the eight nominees listed below
  • Share this link – https://pages.jpost.com/dov-levy-prize/ – on your favorite social media channel – Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with the hashtag #includeme. If you are sharing the link on Facebook, make sure that your posts are set for public sharing.
  • Add a personal note to your post explaining why the Dov Levy Prize is important to you or why you voted for your candidate

For your vote to count, you must receive at least ten likes or shares on social media.

Here are some samples of personal notes:
“It’s important to integrate people with disabilities into society.”
“I voted for my candidate because I believe she helps the disabled become independent.”
“More funds need to be allocated to fund special education in schools.”

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